Davina Robinson – The Blazing Heart (CD)

“The Blazing Heart” is the first release by Davina Robinson. “Making Love To Your Girlfriend” is the track that listeners may already be familiar with; the track was a runner-up for VH1’s Song of the Year contest, and received honors in the Great American Song Contest. Beyond that, our Japanese readers (all 1.2% of our traffic) may know Davina Robinson from playing a number of shows around the country. For those readers of NeuFutur that are not familiar with Robinson’s music, “Making Love To Your Girlfriend” is a track that blends equal part funk and rock, blasting listeners with guitar riffs from the onset.

Some of the more nuanced guitar lines that are present during “Making Love To Your Girlfriend” will remind listeners of early Prince and Jane’s Addiction, while the vocals are completely unique. These vocals are as powerful as the opening salvos that first hit listeners, and the bits of funk influence give the track an overall sound reminiscent of “Blood Sugar Sex Magik”-era Red Hot Chili Peppers. “Never Good Enough” is the second track on “The Blazing Heart”, and the track has a constellation of influences that are a little older than those during “Making Love”. This means that the track has the pacing of Heart, while Robinson’s vocals continue to forge an entirely new path in rock music. It is during “Never Good Enough” that listeners will begin to notice the extreme skill Robinson exhibits in creating a narrative that listeners cannot do anything but follow until the track ends.

“Conversations In My Head” is a continuance of the strong narration that was present during “Never Good Enough”, but adds interesting pacing to “The Blazing Heart”. This means that while the track begins slowly, the track begins to gain speed until the chorus, where Robinson’s vocals keep individuals interested until the track packs up shop. The EP’s final track is “Keeping Me Sane”, and it contributes as much as any of the previous cuts on the EP through the addition of a new-rock type of sound to the mix. Hints of electronic and even industrial music play at the extreme periphery of the track. “The Blazing Heart” has something for everyone, and it is Robinson’s catchy, new type of sound that will ensure that she will be as big in the United States as she is currently in Japan.

Top Track: Never Good Enough

Rating: 8.0/10

Davina Robinson – The Blazing Heart / 2008 Self / 4 Tracks / http://www.davinarobinson.com /

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