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Definitely, Maybe is a film that shows the difficulty that individuals have in trying to explain the twists and turns of a parent’s past life to a child, that may not understand exactly what that parent is talking about. Clint Mansell previously of Pop Will Eat Itself was tapped to do the score of the film, and while individuals may not be familiar with too many of the films with which ey has done work (Smokin’ Aces, Sahara, and Requiem for a Dream are likely the three films that ey scored that individuals may have seen), the quality of this soundtrack is superb.

The first track is “Will Hayes For President!”, and it provides a sandy, rock-infused track that will remind listeners of individuals such as Neil Young and Dick Dale. However, instead of being firmly rooted in that style, Clint’s work here transcends genre and musical boundaries. The dreamy style that starts to come out during “Will Hayes For President!” continues into “Here Comes Summer”, a track that throws in a little bit of jazz influence before the song wraps up. The tracks go much more into the traditional soundtrack style with “For Emily (Whoever She May Be…)”, which rises and falls, allowing the orchestra to build up a compelling sound that comes through during “April (Come She Will)”. However, “April” is much more of a blend of current and traditional approaches to the creation of a soundtrack, and the resulting song is something that sounds like an instrumental version of an adult contemporary track. This is smart composing by Mansell, as it matches well the Ryan Reynolds character during “Definitely, Maybe”; at a crossroads of life between a wild, rock-filled past and a softer, gentler family life, Reynolds’ character is reflected well here.

The rest of the soundtrack allows Mansell to create a number of different shades to the same color that ey originally painted the “Definitely, Maybe” soundtrack. While this is the first time that we at NeuFutur have had the chance to really go and dissect a Mansell soundtrack, I know that I will try to dig up a “Doom” or a “Man On Fire” soundtrack to see exactly how ey has evolved and changed in the years since ey started working soundtracks. If you have liked “Definitely, Maybe”, make it a point to see how the music from the film properly highlights and expands upon the themes originally broached by the film.

Top Tracks: The Candidate, Its April

Rating: 7.5/10

Definitely, Maybe (CD) / 2008 Lakeshore / 18 Tracks / / /

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  1. Do you know who wrote and sang the “im crazy about you” song in the movie definitely, maybe?
    I have been trying to find this song for so long. Thank you

  2. Do you know who sang the song, I think it’s called ”Different Strokes or People Everyday” in the movie Definitely Maybe”

    Thank You

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