Dirty On Purpose Release 4 Free Songs on RCRDLBL.com For “Dead Volcanoes” EP

Paste Magazine: “If you enjoy both Yo La Tengo and My BloodyValentine, then this Brooklyn quartet is for you. Every song on the Like Bees EP delivers gorgeously in those veins.”

Metromix: “Dirty on Purpose have grown into a band more likely to influence than be influenced.”

Blogcritics: “Dirty on Purpose are more than what is seen and heard onthe surface. A closer listen reveals the intricacies and nuances of aband that’s willing to borrow from the best of the current and past while forging new paths and trying new things.”

Following the success of their debut full length,
Hallelujah Sirens, and their follow-up EP, Like Bees,
Dirty on Purpose has released four exclusive,
digital-only songs for their “Dead Volcanoes” EP on

The first single off this EP is “Leaving,” which
introduces slide guitar to the group’s music for the
first time ever. It’s a somber tune about
drummer/singer Doug Marvin’s wife Annie Hart from
Au Revoir Simone always leaving home for tour and
the hardships of being apart from the one you love.

The second song, “Hard To Tell You,” has
singer/guitarist Joe Jurewicz singing to his daughter
Sophie, trying to explain the unexpected trips and
falls that life can and will bring, warning and
encouraging her to tackle reality and become her
own strong person.

The third single, “The Thing About Getaways,” was
written when singer/drummer Doug Marvin was
walking about the streets of Chicago, breathing in
the spirit of the Windy City. There is an airy, poppy
sensibility to the number that really draws listeners in.

Today, the fourth and final song, “Canned Fumes,”
on the EP is revealed! Singer/guitarist George Wilson
sings on this track, which takes the band to a new
level of songwriting — the song beautifully builds and
layers atmospherics until the whole arrangement
swells with emotion. The foursome’s sound has grown
exponentially over the years, and the Dead Volcanoes
EP truly achieves a maturation in the band’s music.

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