ER: The Complete Ninth Season (DVD Set)

It much the same way that the TNA Lockdown DVD was the first time that we had a chance to review something from TNA, ER: The Complete Ninth Season is the first shot that we at NeuFutur have had at reviewing something from Warner Home Video. This box set covers the episodes that were aired in the 2002-2003 season, and are 22 in number. Individuals would do well to have their copy of the The Complete Eighth Season available, as “Chaos Theory” resolves the cliffhanger that kept everyone wondering through the summer of 2002. This episode dealt with the continuing quarantine of County General with a smallpox epidemic, and sets things in motion for what might have been the most intense and dramatic season of ER yet aired.

“Insurrection” shows the dire security state of Country General, while “A Hopeless Wound” shows a deluge of costumed patients after a suspicious fire starts. “Kisangani” may just be the most touching of episodes on this collection: Carter takes a leave from the ER itself (and from Abby) to deal with eir humanitarian urges. This reunites Carter with Kovac, but shows that all of the problems that ey may have had at County General were measly when it came to the problems that ey encounters in Africa. Beyond the nearly 1,000 minutes of show that individuals are confronted with when they purchase the box set, there are a number of bonus features which will keep individuals playing the set for weeks, if not months, after the original purchase. This means that there are a number of outtakes that are both humorous and enlightening, showing the extremely talented cast of ER in a human light, a number of unaired scenes that will provide viewers with a little bit better of an appreciate why things happened in certain episodes, and a further gag reel to chuckle at.

The show was still at the top of the charts (actually, #4) during the season, but one definitely notices an evolution in terms of the actors and the overall quality of the show from earlier seasons to the ninth. If you are a fan of ER, make it a point to go forth and pick up a copy of ER: The Complete Ninth Season – it will give you enough footage to last until the Tenth Season set is release for your viewing pleasure.

Rating: 8.2/10

ER: The Complete Ninth Season / 2008 Warner Brothers / 986 Minutes / /

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