G-Unit – Terminate on Sight (CD)

“Terminate on Sight” was produced by 50 Cent, and one would be pretty dense if they did not hear eir distinct style permeating every pore of this album. The disc starts out with “Straight Outta Southside”, and as one can expect, the track pays homage to the N.W.A. classic “Straight Outta Compton”. The track would be better if it did not follow forth from one of the best rap songs ever. With a stutter out of the door, “Piano Man” (one of the five tracks, including “Rider Pt. 2”, “No Days Off”, “I Like The Way She Do It” and “Party Ain’t Over”, that features Young Buck. The flow takes off on “It’s A Homicide”, a track that featured Tony Yayo and Spider Loc, but is slowed down.

This shift in the hook demolishes anything in the way of goodwill that “Straight Outta Southside” may have had, and pretty much forces “Close To Me” to salvage the disc. Luckily for listeners (and G-Unit), “Close To Me” has an infectious melody that is allowed to shine through a Spartan set of arrangements. With “Rider Pt. 2” being the next track (and the first single off of the album), G-Unit has righted their ship and can go into “Casualties of War” with a little bit of momentum. “Casualties of War” mixes together a little bit of reggae influence before having everyone spit their lines. The chiaroscuro between the lighter, R&B style and the gritty streetwise rap that follows soon after makes for an impressive track, and one that should be a later single off of the album.

“You So Tough” has a scintillating backing beat, but the flow that starts up the track just does not particular inspire listeners. Subsequent stanzas restore some of the luster to the track, but I have to wonder whether listeners will stick with the track or just switch it to “No Days Off”. “No Days Off”, despite being in the middle of the disc, is one of the better songs on “Terminate on Sight”. There is a retro style to the flow that will remind listeners of the halcyon days of Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, while still having all of the “cool” that current rap has. “Terminate on Sight” is a decent enough album, but it seems to be a little light on terms of memorable tracks. There are some diamonds here, but the rough threatens to hide them.

Top Tracks: No Days Off, Let It Go

Rating: 5.7/10

G-Unit – Terminate on Sight / 2008 Interscope / 16 Tracks / http://www.g-unitsoldier.com /

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8 thoughts on “G-Unit – Terminate on Sight (CD)”

  1. 5.7/10??? I think more like 8/10 this album is hot even if you dont like the Unit you gotta admit..and this review looks like Bullshit

  2. This was obviously reviewed by someone who doesn’t appreciate hardcore, OG rap. TOS goes hard from beginning to end, and is the best real rap album in years, it ain’t pop, it’s rap.

  3. Trying to say that “straight outta southside” aint hard as fuck… thats a joke.

    Buy the album July 1st. “Beg for Mercy” was dope, this won’t be any different. G-Unit all day.

  4. Bullshit that CD is fire i got it already its better than beg for mercy. Its takes u back to the old G-unit.

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