Home Improvement – The Complete Eighth Season (DVD Set)

The final season of Home Improvement, which originally ran from 1998 to 1999, gave individuals 28 episodes of footage, a collection that runs for about ten and a half hours. The show had creeped down the Nielsen ratings to reside at its lowest position ever (#10 overall), but the episodes that are present in the tenth season shows Tim Allen and the rest of the cast at their strongest. Perhaps it was the fact that there was some sense that the show was not going to last too much longer, but the entire cast seemed much less concerned about appealing to the masses and more concerned about making a show that is funny, realistic, and touching at times.

What every individual, no matter how much time they have to spend, should definitely watch on this DVD set would have to be the final story arc. This arc, which has Tm regretting the current direction of Tool Time, is perhaps the most memorable episodes of the entire run of the show. Tim ultimately walks off the show, tears down the fence that had blocked eir from seeing Al all the years (in preparation for Al’s upcoming wedding), and individuals are left with a little bit of confusion about whether Tim and family uproot themselves from Detroit. Aside from these 28 solid episodes, individuals have a number of bonus features with which to spend further time watching. There is a blooper reel present that shows that each of the actors have their own human flaws. Beyond the presence of this reel, the best bonus feature would have to be “The Home Improvement User’s Guide”. This 2003 special has Tim Allen and Richard Karn holding a reunion special, linked to some extra stand up footage from one of Allen’s shows from the period.

The list price for this DVD set is slated to be under $25, so individuals need not break the bank to buy this collection. Hopefully, the success of these reasonably priced DVD sets should be enough to get other DVD producers to lower the prices of their DVD sets. With all of these seasons put forth on DVD, Buena Vista will have to move on to another show that deserves a dusting off and re-packaging. If that show is half as good as Home Improvement was, then Buena Vista will have another serious success on their hands.

Rating: 7.5/10

Home Improvement – The Complete Eighth Season / 2008 BVHE / 621 Minutes / http://www.tvondvdhits.com /

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