I Love New York: Season 2 (DVD Set)

For viewers that may not have had the chance to see I Love New York in the past, it is a spin off show from Flavor of Love that features Tiffany Pollard, who was rebounding off a tempestuous relationship with Flavor Flav. This DVD box set focuses on the second season of the show, which leads from the premise that Pollard has been dumped by the winner of the first season, Tango. The episodes, which were originally aired from August 2007 to January 2008, showcase Pollard’s attempt to find love, and for those individuals that were irritated by the presence of bleeping, are uncensored.

The twenty individuals that are looking to take Pollard’s hand include individuals as diverse as a Harvard-educated lawyer, a NFL player, and various other males of different ages, sizes, and races. Perhaps one of the best episodes has to be “Meet The Parents”, which puts Pollard on edge as the four lasting contestants bring their parents to meet and dine at Pollard’s house. Ultimately, the runner-up of this season of I Love New York is Ezra “Buddha” Masters, while George “Tailor Made” Weisgerber III ultimately won the affections of Pollard. This box set may put the cap on what was always a compelling, funny, dramatic, and intense reality show, as the reunion show that aired shows Pollard and Weisgerber living a fulfilling life in a suburb of New York City.

I can see the show taking on a third season, showcasing the two’s love, but you best bet that Anchor Bay will be ready to go forth and release another stellar box set. The bonus features beyond the uncensored run of episodes will give individuals as much as I Love New York as they can conceivably take. This means that the episodes here have the original casting and reunion shows present, while a lengthy trailer gives viewers that may not have seen the show a quick introduction to what is all going to happen during this nearly eight hour boxed set. See exactly why this season of I Love New York garnered some of the highest ratings for a VH1 show ever (as of this writing, the show had ratings that placed it as the third highest rated season for VH1). Pollard has been through a lot through Flavor of Love and the first season of I Love New York, and picking up this DVD set will show that the problems did not end when the first season of I Love New York closed up.

Rating: 7.8/10

I Love New York: Season 2 / 2008 Anchor Bay / 440 Minutes / http://www.anchorbayentertainment.com /

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