Jesse James Dupree and Dixie Inc – Rev It Up and Go-Go (CD)

Individuals may remember who Jesse James Dupree is from eir stint as the lead singer / guitarist of Jackyl, a hair metal band that may be best known for “The Lumberjack”. “Rev It Up and Go-Go” is Dupree’s second solo album, and is full of fun rock that will keep individuals listening in through the entirety of the track. This means that the introductory track plays very heavily on Dupree’s distinct vocals, which links together disparate metal acts like Guns N Roses and Dio. “Bite” has all the sound of a “Dog Eat Dog” era Warrant but with the girt and heaviness present to keep young listeners’ interest still at a high level. The track is not as immediately catchy as was the opening salvo, but the groove that is created by Dupree and Dixie Inc is something that will stick with listeners for days, weeks, and even months after the disc closes up shop.

It is “Drop Dead Ready” that could conceivably bring Dupree back into the spotlight, a the scales that are present in the chorus of the track will drill themselves deep into listeners’ minds, while the backing instrumentation present during the track builds off of the work of both southern rock and the grunge that many modern rock stations are so apt to play. The only thing that I could conceivably come up with a problem on the disc is that the 20 cuts (and I understand that a number of those are interludes and introductions) could conceivably be tightened up to the cream of the crop.

If that could be done, what is already a solid album would be make Dupree and Dixie Inc into the next Velvet Revolver or Wolfmother. For individuals that are just looking for a solid set of rock that they can sit back and drink a beer to, the album will be perfect. For more discerning fans, those that want their rock to beat the top of the proverbial heap, my guess would be to focus into the tracks that are listed here and a decision made whether to purchase the entire album. Jackyl is a great act, but I feel for my money, that I actually prefer Dupree and Dixie Inc. Check them out when they go out live, get a few in you, and rock out through the entirety of the night.

Top Tracks: Get To Me, 1095

Rating: 6.2/10

Jesse James Dupree and Dixie Inc – Rev It Up and Go-Go / 2008 Mighty Loud / 20 Tracks / /

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