Jumper (DVD)

For fans of the theatrical release or the original book (by Steven Gould), the special edition of Jumper focuses on David Rice (Hayden Christensen), a Jumper. Jumpers are individuals that are able to teleport themselves wherever they would like. Having this ability, David is able to have a pretty fulfilling life, really living easily through eir early years. However, things take a turn for the worse when Rice realizes that there are a number of individuals like eirself, and learns that there are forces that are looking for the destruction of the Jumper race.

David has to ultimately join forces with another Jumper by the name of Griffin (played by Jamie Bell, of King Kong) and oppose the organization that would have it in for eir. The special edition of Jumper is another in the line of “Digital Copy Special Edition” DVDs, which gives viewers a second disc that allows them to transfer the film to whatever portable media player that they have. Beyond the second version of the film, there are a number of additional features that should be seen as required viewing for anyone that actually wants to know the story behind the film and the creation of Jumper generally. This means that there is an amazing commentary present that has a trilogy of important individuals to the film: producer Lucas Foster, writer Simon Kinber and Director Doug Liman all lend their thoughts and opinions to the commentary. The special effects that were used to create the jumping effect are detailed in “Making an Actor Jump”, while “Jumping From Novel to Film” gives viewers some sense of how the characters, story, and overall feel of the narrative changed from the book to the silver screen.

“Previz: Future Concepts” is perhaps the most intriguing of all these additional features, as it gives viewers of sense where the Jumper franchise can go in the months and years to come. Even though the movie may end before the hour and a half mark, the additional features and pieces present during this special edition will ensure that viewers are locked to their television screens for numerous hours before the disc is put back up on the shelf. The phenomenon that is Jumper has arrived on DVD, and viewers that liked the movie during its original theatrical engagement will undoubtedly like this presentation: Fox really has done well when it comes to making a value-packed DVD.

Rating: 8.2/10

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