Minutemen (DVD)

Minutemen features the acting talents of Jason Dolley, whom individuals may already know through the original Disney series Cory in the House. The film itself was originally aired on the Disney channel in late January and made its DVD appearance in May of this year. The plot surrounds Virgil (Dolley) and eir friends Charlie (Luke Benward, How To Eat Fried Worms) and Zeke (Nicholas Braun, Sky High) and the time machine that they ultimately end up building. While Virgil wants to use the time machine for eir own purposes (specifically, to win big on a lottery ticket), eir aims are modified through the insistence of Zeke and Charlie to end up helping teens out of jams (their embarrassing moments).

The story gets more intense as the feds come after the trio, since to build the time machine, Charlie had to steal top-secret plans from governmental agencies. The movie even gets more tense when the trio learns that h black hole has been created in space through their excessive amount of time traveling. Ultimately, everything works out, they are able to make sure that the black hole stays closed, and both Virgil and Zeke get the girl. The acting skill of the three main individuals is solid considering their age, and they work well with established actors such as J.P. Manoux (ER) in the telling of this comedy meets sci-fi type of movie. For individuals that have already seen the film, there are a number of further special features that will increase the replay value of this DVD.

The most major of these special features has to be “The Making of Minutemen”, which will give viewers some sense about how the different special graphics and stunts were conducted. This featurette would be a nice introduction ot those individuals that may be starting to ask how films have been made, and does it in a way that is neit6her condescending nor difficult to get. The video for the Corbin Bleu track that graces the film – “Run It Back Again” – is also present as a bonus feature. If you liked the film when it first aired or missed out the times that it was shown on the Disney channel, this DVD is a must buy. If you want to watch a fun film, make it a point to pick up this DVD as well.

Rating: 7.0/10

Minutemen (DVD) / 2008 Disney / 92 Minutes / http://www.disney.com /

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