NASCAR 09 (Xbox 360)

We here at NeuFutur have not had the chance to review much in the way of racing games, but jumped at the chance to review NASCAR 09 for the Xbox 360. For those individuals that aren’t familiar with the series, NASCAR 09 marks the tenth installment of the game, and was released on the Playstation 2, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. What players immediate will see with the game is a career mode, with Jeff Gordon acting a mentor, where individuals have to get sponsors, contracts, and get performance points by winning in the Sprint Cup, Craftsman Truck, and Nationwide Series. While it seems like a small addition, the Paint Booth Customization Features allows players to paint their own car, no matter how goofy or garish, and use that car to play online.

As is the case with all EA sports games, the soundtrack which individuals will race to provides individuals with a blend of established and up and coming artists. Tracks from From First To Last (“Two As One”), P.O.D. (“Condescending”), The Black Keys (“Strange Times”), and Theory of a Deadman (“Got It Made”) are all present. The driver challenges that individuals will have to complete to gain reputation give individuals the extra experience that they need to be a serious contender in the races that constitute “Sprint for the Cup”. Players that have played previous iterations of the NASCAR series will notice a different handling and control system in place, but the upgraded handling model placed in NASCAR 09 provides players with a more realistic handling for vehicles, and unique nits and nuances present in each different make of vehicle.

EA Tiberon has made a game that transfers all the energy and ballyhoo present in live racing events into a game that is must play, regardless of whether individuals are fans of NASCAR in the first place. The amount of customization that players have regarding their players, their cars, sponsors, and anything else that may be associated with racing will get gearheads alight with interest, and the soundtrack to the game shows well the different brands of NASCAR fan. EA has a solid hit on their hands with NASCAR 09, and whether individuals play multiplayer or alone, they will feel as if they are behind the wheel of a NASCAR-approved vehicle.

Rating: 9.0/10

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