Profane Existence #49

Profane Existence #49 / $5 / 104M / / 

It has been quite a few years since I was lucky enough to come across a copy of Profane Existence (the last issue I got to review was #38). In the meantime, the issue has moved from a newspaper to a more traditional magazine style and the content has exploded into the post-100 page range. This is not just interviews (even though this issue has some hard-hitting features with bands like Born/Dead and Mutiny), but covers the history of anarchist movements (Italian Anarchist Federation), vegan recipes, and CD and zine reviews. The cost might be a little pricey to some, but compared to the other zines fof that price, Profane Existence is really worth this price. Most beneficial personally in this issue was the lengthy interview and photo-collage that was done with Christine (Slug & Lettuce), which really broke down some of the mystique I had for eir, really personalizing the struggle and making me think that I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to. I am still unsure about the blocked-out style of layout; in this issue, there is a chunk of interviews before the columns before the reviews; none of the sections tend to drag on because of their similar content, however. The lack of advertisements in this issue is another great thing; the few pages found here can be tolerated, especially considering that they are for smaller record labels that would not normally get much in the way of publicity. Fun, informative and furthering the revolution one step at a time.

Rating: 8.3/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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