Punk Planet #74

Punk Planet #74 / $4.95 / 2:00 / 148M / http://www.punkplanet.com / 

Everyone should know Punk Planet by now. It’s the magazine that tries to keep people up to date on politics and music. However, there are some minor things done during this issue that either increase or decrease the quality of the read for all. First, the magazine begins weakly when the layout does not differentiate between pieces, and reads horizontally instead of vertically. However, this issue of Punk Planet makes up for it in the sense that there are DIY files out the yin-yang, something tat I knew they did but have not seen in previous issues. The amount of advertisements during this issue is small, and allows for Punk Planet to really break up the tedium associated with an issue well. The magazine is black and white but uses color for the covers; the pages are sharp, and aside from the problem early, are easy for readers. The only other thing that I could even begin to chalk up as a negative for Punk Planet would have to be the fact that the issue this time covers only very major acts (The Lawrence Arms, Exene Cervenka, Shonen Knife) at a time when a lot of other acts are just begging for coverage. However, the reporting about Syria (the major story that is not shown on the cover) is the reason why readers should pick up this issue. Couple that with a piece about DIY sex (using a cock ring so that your partner can get and hold it up much easier), and pretty much everyone is accounted for during this issue.

Rating: 6.2/10


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Author: James McQuiston

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