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This is a combination magazine that was created for American Rag (which seems to be a Macy’s-only clothing brand). I’ve never heard of the clothing line, but then again, I’m never in a Macy’s. Filter Mini seems to be what individuals can compare this magazine to, and where there is a lot of advertisements in both magazines, American Rag’s advertisements are plastered throughout Ragged where a number of different advertisements are present in Filter Mini. The focus of this magazine seems to also be a little bit younger than Filter (and Filter Mini). This zine seems to be a very nice deal for both parties, as this issue is indelibly marked through and through with American Rag tags, while a number of Filter-sponsored artists (Silversun Pickups, Nina Gordon) are given prime real estate. The layout is strong, as one tends to expect for Filter. There is actually some interesting content in this issue, which will mean that Ragged will not be something that floats around a car or room never being read. There are city (like scene) reports for Ann Arbor (MI) and San Diego (CA), and interviews with bands that have already made it (like mTV wunderkinds Morningwood and Phantom Planet). While I do not seeing this magazine coming out often (maybe once for each subsequent clothing season), Ragged is a solid zine that has enough content to make individuals flip through the ads. If you can find a copy (maybe go to a local Macy’s), do that and get some new information about acts, both old and new.

Rating: 6.6/10


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