Razorcake #36

Razorcake #36 / $4 / 116M / http://www.razorcake.org /

Razorcake is well worth the four dollar price on its cover. The font on each page is small enough to make this issue of Razorcake easily equivalent to a magazine with 250 pages. There are a decent amount of advertisements in this issue, but since the adverts are more in line with the topics covered by the magazine, it does not seem to be as jarring as in other magazines. As usual, the pieces that individuals need to read are those written by Rev. Norb and Nardwuar, the latter more than the former. The Rhythm Chicken’s piece is a little paced out and slow, but the interviews in the second half of the zine make up for any weakness that the issue might have. Exempting the Street Dogs interview, there are very interesting interviews with both Entropy and Pointed Sticks. However, nothing can compare to the “Touring Comfortably” piece that is in this issue, which as people might expect is a piece about the steps that a band can take that will make touring much easier than it is. There are tons of CD, DVD, and zine/book reviews, and one can say that Razorcake properly keeps individuals up to date with the current music scene while covering related and interesting topics at the margins. If you have not given Razorcake a shot yet, this may just be a good issue to step into. The coverage bounces between indie rock to punk and hardcore, while not having a too music-centric view at any part of this issue.

Rating: 6.7/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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