Revolution (with a catch phrase): Collected Edition

Revolution (with a catch phrase): Collected Edition / $2 / :20 / / 

I missed out on Revolution (with a catch phrase) when the first issues came out. This collected edition is essential for anyone who wishes to get an idea of what the comic zine had to offer. RWACP has a fairly simplistic style which has interactions with reality (much like the pasting of celebrities’ heads on stock bodies, a la South Park). RWACP is very heavily zombie and alien-based, and uses some interesting artistic conventions when it comes to action. While there are still the anime fight-sequence lines present, the splatter effect that Pat does is simply to die for. There are also moments during this comic zine where the blood splatter even looks like expertly-spread pen ink, which seems to substitute near-perfectly for the real stuff in a pinch. There is little philosophy in Revolution, but the creator really seems to fill the void with things that are beyond weird (the old man that knocks out the lead character in Murderous Intrigue Theatre for seemingly no reason whatsoever) and make individuals try to figure out a motive. Overall, this collection is well worth the price of admission ($2) and does not fall into the same angsty, reality show-esque drama a great many of the comic zines tend to fall into. This is not for those individuals who are looking for great technical skill, but for those that want fun, want interesting stories and low-fi ways of sharing them. The only thing I would ask for with this zine is a little more of the backstory behind the creation of the comic; are there any new comics being released by this individual?

Rating: 6.2/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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