Step Into Liquid (Blu-Ray)

Where Cloverfield was really the first time that we here at NeuFutur had a chance to review a Blu-Ray release, Lionsgate’s releasing of Step Into Liquid marks the first time that we have received an older film that has been brought to Blu-Ray. This 2003 film (done by Dana Brown, of The Endless Summer Revisited, Dust to Glory, and Highwater) shows a variety of surfers, exotic locals, and tries to imbue the spirit of surfing into everyone, no matter if they have even gotten out on a surfboard before. For videophiles and audiophiles alike, the fact that this Blu-Ray is in 1080p and has 7.1 DTS audio will ensure that each wave is rendered in the most life-like way possible.

Aside from the graphical upgrade, the strongest part of this release of Step Into Liquid has to be the number of additional features that Lionsgate has crammed on this Blu-Ray disc. This means that there are both deleted scenes and alternate shots, along with an entire set of clips on how an individual can learn how to surf. The featurette about “Making A Surfboard” provides a level of DIY interaction that few DVDs and Blu-Ray discs provide their viewers, while the interview with Dale Webster gives viewers some sense of the evolution of surfing from an earlier period to the present. Perhaps the most intriguing part of Step Into Liquid is the section dealing with a set of surfers that go over 100 miles off of the coast to find massive waves that outstrip any that could be found closer to shore. Step Into Liquid is much more than a simple type of documentary; it provides viewers with information about the subject material, attempts to educate viewers with a skill set so they can involve themselves with the subject material, and has a tone that is fun and uplifting, rather than dry and dull.

Hopefully the success of this Blu-Ray will ensure that Brown’s other films will be released in this format in the years to come and, barring that, other documentary/educational films can be given the green light to go forward on the Blu-Ray format. If you like stunning visuals, surfing, or do it yourself projects, make it a point to pick up Lionsgate’s re-release of Dana Brown’s Step Into Liquid. You will appreciate it.

Rating: 7.6/10

Step Into Liquid / 2008 Lionsgate / 88 Minutes / /

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