The Pack A.D. Raise The Dead With Funeral Mixtape (Mint)

One of the hardest-working, coffee-fueled, howling, growling duos to come out of Vancouver, The Pack A.D., have just announced their upcoming Funeral Mixtape will be released on Mint Records on August 12, 2008. This EP proceeds their Mint debut, Tintype, and takes their blues to a grittier level.

The Pack A.D. may be a female duo, but do not expect a static down drum & guitar outfit or polished, “girly” music here! The Pack A.D. blend dirty, deep blues and garage-rock, with the focus on rhythm guitar, solid drum lines and singing straight from the gut. United in early 2006, Becky Black and Maya Miller of The Pack A.D., mean business. They take life on the road, Civil War stories, coffee and cigarettes, stir them into a vicious concoction of garage rock and Jack Daniels and then bring it to a fevered boil in the blues, and serve it to you in the form of Funeral Mixtape.

The Pack A.D. owes much of it’s heritage to the crossover-blues genre – one that’s recently become increasingly popular with bands like Black Diamond Heavies, White Stripes and The Black Keys. With the focus on rhythm-centric guitar, solid drum riffs, and passionate, unrestrained vocals, the Vancouver duo is at times haunting and at others irresistibly boot-stomping. With influences ranging from MC5 to Billie Holiday, John Bonham, Blind Willie Johnson, and even “Patrick Swayze (in Road House)”, you can tell these women have a sense of rhythm and a sense of humor.

The Pack A.D. are religiously dedicated to the back to basics, Garage-Rock Revival, and won’t stop until every dive bar blasts their blues! They’re starting their juke-box domination in the UK and Canada this May, with a US tour expected to hit in late June.

The Pack A.D. in the Press

“4 ****” — Uncut Magazine

“Best Local Band 2007 – The Pack, no question. These two ladies exploded from the Secret Cave of Concealed Talent with muskets a-blazin’ and sabers a-rattlin’, reinvigorating this sleepy city with heart-pumping, rock’n’soul fury with a raw energy so infectious as to reshape the lives of everyone they meet”. –Dave Bertrand, Nerve Magazine

“Holding the torch high in today’s garage rock revival, this Vancouver duo strikes with a raw, hell-torn, blues-rock swagger that is equally contemplative and unflinching”.–The Approach

Maya Millers drumming isn’t just confident, it’s downright warlike –Edmonton Sun

A guitar-drum howling-blues duo, Becky Black and Maya Miller of the Pack are clearly meant to play together…The whole beautiful mess will have uptown turkeys running in terror back to their Eric Clapton “blues” CDs. –The Georgia Straight

“No matter how overdone a genre appears to be, truly talented artists always come along to make it new yet again. Black and Miller are two such artists, and our sleepy little scene should be thankful.” – 24 Hours

Some say that Black’s guitar pick is actually the Devil’s toenail. We don’t know where The Pack got their dark gifts, we’re just trying to stay on their good side. –Urban Trendz

The Pack A.D. Websites

TMN TV Interview with The Pack A.D.
Liver Performance of “Moonshine”

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