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“The Road” starts out with “Still Time”, an adult contemporary track that plays on pop, rock, hair rock, and eighties music to make something that pretty much everyone can find something that they can appreciate and love. What is perhaps the strongest element to this first track is the ability of Trueheart to change musical directions at the drop of a dime. This can be seen at a disc level, as well: “Lay Me Down” is a track that looks back to the halcyon days of the early nineties, calling forth acts such as Dishwalla for influence.

“The Road” has a unique sound to it that plays on a number of genres and styles but never allows listeners to say “well, Trueheart has been influenced by this band”. It is the creation of a unique but familiar sound that will allow the band to climb up the charts in the months and years to come. “Goodbye” is a soft, carefully-constructed song that shows a maturity both in terms of arrangement and the message put forth by the track. “Goodbye” is about a couple splitting up, and splitting up amicably in an era where most singers and acts would focus on an angry, spiteful breakup. Far from that, Trueheart shows what can happen when two mature individuals come to a decision that their relationship does not work, and shows individuals that with a sizzling guitar solo that will stick with listeners for months after they put the CD down. “Kings Horses” continues this balanced, sedate approach, but turns “Goodbye” on its ear.

While the vocalist comes forth with a chill, soft singing style during “King’s Horses”, the character that he is singing about is dejected, his heart is broken, and he vows to wait “for all of the King’s Horses” if need be. In my opinion, “The Road” does not stand for the endless touring that most bands (including Trueheart) do, but rather the long, twisting road that most relationships follow. The vast majority of tracks on “The Road” deal with the vocalist and his lover, and depending on which song one is listening to, the couple is either broken up or getting back together. This theme speaks to pretty much anyone that has found themselves in love, and the impressive musical ability of Trueheart here makes the message even easier to understand. If you like complex sets of emotions in your music, make sure to pick up Trueheart’s latest.

Top Tracks: Goodbye, Chance to Mind

Rating: 8.3/10

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