Wall-E (PS3)

Wall-E, the Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class, has been left on Earth for hundreds of years cleaning up the mess left by the inhabitants of the planet. Unfortunately, the amount of trash that was present on the planet was too great, the plan too ambitious, and the rest of the robots had been taken off line, which forced this Wall-E unit to complete eir task alone. Alone without any companionship aside from a cockroach, Wall-E’s life is pretty dull, to say the least. However, the present of a probe – Eve – fills Wall-E with hope and shows that there can be some completion to life. The Playstation 3 version of Wall-E, put forth by THQ, allows up to 4 players to play.

The game play of Wall-E allows for the game to be a blend of a shooter/platformer and a puzzle game, ensuring that a wider array of fans can appreciate the title. When Wall-E is trying to defeat some creature, ey can form cubes from the garbage that is present, ensuring a wide array of types of “weapons” for the player. When a player is EVE, the dynamics are different. This is due to the fact that EVE flies, shoots lasers, and can get to places that Wall-E is just unable to go. The graphics and game play are true to the film, with more than a fair share of humor and compelling narrative to keep players focused in on the game.

The multiplayer option will further extend the life of the game, as the find objects / stop other players from finding said objects makes for some high tension gaming sessions. The one thing that is a strength to the game has to be the quick corrections that the in-game camera makes when players move through a level, allowing even the youngest players to have a fair chance of completing the game. Couple the smart camera with the difficultly level of the puzzles, which are solved with a modicum of effort, and Wall-E for the PS3 has to be one of the more memorable movie-linked games that has been released. Beyond that, the game has legs, and will be in the Playstation 3 much more than it will be in its case. Make it a point to pick up the game, regardless of whether you are going to see the film.

Rating: 8.6/10

Wall-E (PS3) / 2008 THQ / http://www.thq.com /

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