Weeds Season Three (DVD)

Weeds Season Three / 2008 Lionsgate / 388 Minutes / http://www.lionsgate.com /

As this is a box set collecting the third season of Weeds, the story has progressed from the introductory episodes of the show. Individuals that are not familiar with the series should understand that Nancy Botwin (played by Mary-Louise Parker, of The West Wing) is a marijuana dealer, and does that to support eir family after eir husband, Judah, dies of a heart attack. Nancy’s marijuana dealing business continues to grow in the course of the first and second season, but things rapidly grind to a halt. This is due to the fact that Nancy’s new husband, Peter, is a DEA agent.

The season progresses with Peter attempting to bring Nancy out of the weed trade, but Nancy wants to step up operations. This leads to the conclusion of the second season, which has Nancy, Armenian gangsters, and Nancy’s buyer all behind the barrel of a gun. The third season showcases Nancy bringing eirself out of debt through increasing responsibility as a dealer and working Sullivan Groff, who is attempting to create a number of new housing plans in Agrestic. Nancy ultimately has to get protection against a new group of individuals, a biker gang, that want to have Nancy sell their inferior brand of marijuana to individuals in Agrestic. While a number of plot lines are based on real issues concerning Nancy and eir family, perhaps the most interesting twist in this season is that Shane begins talking to Judah, for reasons that are not immediately shown to viewers. The music that is featured in this series of the show is as strong as individuals can imagine, meaning that the show opens up with Randy Newman, Kinky, Donovan, Joan Baez, Linkin Park and Pete Seeger.

The bonus features further stack up with the inclusion of a gag/outtakes reel, two Showtime-shorts in the Mary-Kate Olsen biography and a “Little Boxes” Randy Newman featurette. Perhaps best in terms of bonus features would have to be the 8 commentaries that are scattered throughout the boxed set. Taken all together, the episodes themselves and the bonus features will ensure that a viewer will have hours of time with Nancy and eir friends and family. Buy this set and see what happens to Nancy and eir family as they move to Ren Mar, a city that is near the Mexican border, around San Diego.

Rating: 7.4/10

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