‘A Band with a Plan’ Takes Fansourcing to New Levels

NYC group Telling on Trixie devises a tailor-made crowd-sourcing plan heavy on audience participation at www.abandwithaplan.com.

Following an exceptionally successful first year as an indie band, Telling on Trixie is calling themselves “A Band with a Plan,” as they have devised a twelve-month plan to raise $50,000 for the creation and promotion of their next album and music video. Telling on Trixie fans and music lovers will serve important parts in the decision-making process through polls and forums on http://abandwithaplan.com. Furthermore, participants will have access to behind-the-scenes journals, videos and music and even the chance to perform for millions of people on the band’s second album and next video. The Plan begins today.

“Our Plan is perfect for people who always dreamed of working in the record industry or better yet, be in a rock band,” said lead singer Derek Nicoletto. Telling on Trixie fans donating at any of the ten levels will have the opportunity to literally be “smack dab in the middle of the indie band experience,” Nicoletto said. “Telling on Trixie fans tend to give us their opinion on everything from our clothes to our set list. So we thought — let’s get their input from the beginning and give them an insider’s view of the process. Depending on the level they select, they’ll be our label, our sponsors, our A&R and sometimes, guest stars in our video and album.”

Our Plan is perfect for people who always dreamed of working in the record industry or better yet, be in a rock band
“A Band with a Plan” differs from other recent crowd-sourcing models in both form and substance. Having first made deal arrangements with award-winning producers, promoters, publicists and video companies, Telling on Trixie will get maximum results out of the $50,000 budget. Nicoletto explains, “In some programs, one-third of the money raised for an album goes to some company that devised the model, and there’s nothing left for marketing, much less a video. In ‘A Band with a Plan’, every penny goes to finance the album and video, and ensures they get heard and seen. And instead of just asking fans to donate, as some artists have done, we’re inviting them to hop on board on our ‘Little Engine that Could’ and go with us on the ride.”

How It Works

At the first, ten-dollar “Trixie” level, donors will receive digital downloads of Telling on Trixie’s second album. At $25, fans get an advance copy of the new CD and become a “Green Room” member. Green Room membership allows fans into the secure areas of the website, where they will follow the band’s progress for the entire twelve months, and participate in decision-making. Interim levels include: Groupie, V.I.P., Manager, Producer, and Rock Star levels, which have prizes that vary from free admission to shows, to merchandise, to recognition in the liner notes. For those willing to make a top-level ,$10,000 donation — what Telling on Trixie brands the “Iconic Living Legend”, the band will write and record for the album a song inspired by the fan, about a person or topic the fan chooses. In addition, the fan can star in the band’s video, and be a Guest Artist on the album.

Nicoletto stated, “The fans’ involvement motivates us to make our best music and to go to any length to ensure it gets heard. It becomes a group effort and therefore a group success. Imagine seeing us winning an award, or playing on your favorite TV program. You can say, ‘I am part of that.”

Telling on Trixie is a New York rock band whose music was recently described as “soulful, anthemic powerpop” by Cincinnati’s City Beat. In the last year, their songs have played on over 400 radio stations, including a live performance for 3 million listeners on Sirius Radio. Their first two videos have played on 37 nationwide programs for millions of viewers, garnering them recognition as “Best of 2007” by MTV LOGO. Their music has been featured on MTV Real World, Road Rules, Gauntlet and five other cable programs. Telling on Trixie performs at many of the major prestigious festivals and clubs throughout the United States.

To participate in the Plan, go to: http://abandwithaplan.com
Official website: http://www.tellingontrixie.com

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