Apollo Sunshine Announce Shall Noise Upon

Apollo Sunshine, the trio who’ve already wooed Beantown with their
virtuosic instrumental talents, will be releasing their third
full-length, Shall Noise Upon, this September 2nd on Headless Heroes
(but for those who can’t wait/never-learned-or-have-forgotten-how-
to-play-CDs, vinyl and digital will be coming out August 5!).

The album was recorded last summer in a supposedly spirit-inhabited
house in the Catskills, and perhaps it was the presence of said
spirit that, er, inspired the band in their musical creation. The
three members of Apollo Sunshine, Jesse Gallagher, Sam Cohen, and
Jeremy Black, have worked together to make rich, but not ornate,
music, music that moves from lush poetics to Mexican horns to
psychedelic guitar like a well-crafted, well-tracked mixtape.

The band’s serious chops, which have won them numerous accolades
and consistently ranked them as one of Boston’s best, are
also on display, and more than a few of the songs on Shall Noise
Upon should become live standouts. “The Funky Chamberlain
(Who Begot Who)” in particular, with its psychedelic intro and wild
keyboards, provides the freedom and atmosphere to let Apollo Sunshine’s
prodigious and well-honed abilities shine through.

The result is a timely collage drawn from homemade samples and
field-recordings to singing bowls and jaw harp. Shall Noise Upon
comes together in an impressionist tour of electrified music, and
with each play, the range of sounds grow more connected to each
other, a wholly satisfying experience, a wholly satisfying album.


August 08-09 – Wellfleet, MA @ The Wellfleet Beachcomber


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