Big Beach Sports (Wii)

One of the reasons why I bought the Nintendo Wii in the first place was to have a party console, one where I could conceivably have a number of individuals over and become engrossed in a game. There have been a number of games that have fit that bill, but I feel that Big Beach Sports has to be the best released thus far in 2008. This means that up to four players can square off against each other in a number of beach sports, whether it be bocce ball, cricket, disc golf, football, soccer, or volleyball. The character that are used are cute in a SD way, and the lush scenery will further get individuals in the mood to play the game.

For those potential players that are unsure how to play a number of these games (for example, I had a rudimentary knowledge of a number of games, but had little to no information about cricket or bocce ball), Big Beach Sports will provide players with all the information that they need to know to play the game without running into fouls and the like. Perhaps the most interesting feature in Big Beach Sports has to be its DS connectivity, which allows individuals to plug in their DS consoles and create their own characters, without having to buy anything else in the way of materials to do so. The AI that is present during the single player mode will ensure that there is a continual challenge to be had; unlike a number of games, the AI players just continue to get better with each bit of skill points that your player accumulates.

With the high replay level present in Big Beach Sports, I would sincerely hope that HB Studios and THQ band together to release other sets of sports, dependent on which season one is in (for example, there may be a football/curling/hockey type of game to come out in Winter). If you want to have a game that you can pop in and have your friends play pretty much anytime that they come over, it would have to be Big Beach Sports. The interactivity with the Wii’s unique control system is enough that individuals will keep coming back for more, and the price is sufficiently low that individuals can purchase the game and try it out for themselves without having to lose much if they are not the biggest fans of Big Beach Sports. I’m confident they will be.

Rating: 8.5/10

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