College Road Trip (DVD)

College Road Trip is a film that showcases Melanie Porter (Raven-Symone) and eir trip to view different colleges, a trip that is originally intended only to be a girl’s only type of event. Neurotic and obsessed father, James Porter, (played here by Martin Lawrence) intercepts Melanie and attempts to keep eir close to home, despite Melanie’s desire to spread eir wings and free eirself from the tight grasp that eir father has other eir life. The movie interjects humor at every turn, whether it be Lawrence’s character trying to break into a sorority house in which Melanie is sleeping, a tandem sky-jump by father and daughter, or even the tendency of the family pig to stick eir nose in places that even Lawrence’s character is smart enough to avoid.

College Road Trip has something for those individuals that are interested in how important individuals to the film wished for viewers to see College Road Trip. This means that there are two distinct audio commentaries that individuals can listen to, whether it is the that with the writers of the film Carrie Evans and Emi Mochizuki or with the director Roger Kumble (both Cruel Intentions movies, National Lampoon’s Senior Trip) and star Raven-Symone. For fans of the latter star (Raven-Symone), the amount of face time that ey has during the additional and bonus features in intense, meaning that viewers can see a video for eir “Doube Dutch Bus”, the featurette showing the making of that video, or a video diary that shows different parts and points during the filming of the movie. Finally, two distinct sets of deleted scenes – a normal reel, and an entirely new opening/ending set of scenes, will give viewers much more to chew on as they interpret differently the events of the film.

Martin Lawrence has gradually begun to take on a role as an older, more established character, a complete 180 from eir role in a show like Martin. Raven-Symone, despite being at an age when most individuals graduate from college (21 at the time of this film), has the chops to make individuals believe that eir is only about 18. The supporting cast, which includes Brenda Song (Like Mike) and Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos) further highlights and lifts this Raven-Symone vehicle into one that families will enjoy. Give this movie a go if you liked it during its initial run, or want a good family-based story that has something funny for everyone.

Rating: 7.2/10

College Road Trip / 2008 Disney / 83 Minutes / /

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