Death on Demand (DVD)

Death on Demand is the first outing by the Evil Twins company, and was directed by Adam Matalon (Seasons in the Valley, Sex & Camping) and it showcases another step forward in the linking of the horror genre with a current, computer-obsessed age, something that was first teased out during Untraceable. Death on Demand starts out with a scene in which Sean McIntyre, a climber, ends up killing eir family and taking eir life. Viewers are brought to the current period, where three couples have been invited to spend a weekend at the McIntyre house, having webcams present to capture all of the action. The idea is floated to actually go forth to have a séance with the spirit of Sean McIntyre, which sets a series of events that ultimately spell doom for the previously happy and fortunate couples.

The couples consist of typical horror archetypes, meaning that there is a Cassandra (someone that is ultimately right but no one listens), while there is the required dorky male character present as well. The bonus features present include the usual suspects, meaning that individuals can watch the bloopers and the original trailers that were present for the film. Despite the fact that a commentary is present in pretty much any film released on DVD or Blu-Ray in the current period, the commentary present on Death on Demand really is important to properly show off some filming styles and minutiae that would normally be lost on a casual viewing.

There are some rough edges that are present in the overall plot and unique of the story being told during Death on Demand, but there is some serious promise put forth during the hour and a half of film. Any fan of the overall horror genre, whether it be the classic style or the more modern linking of reality shows and horror, should purchase Death on Demand and see how the Evil Twins grow and evolve in the course of the next few years. The fact that there are humorous moments that are linked together with some of the most brutal and realistic deaths show a director that is not afraid to take some chances and it is this ability to take chances that gives me the feeling that ey has the best films of eir career still to come.

Rating: 7.0/10

Death on Demand (DVD) / 2008 MTI / 95 Minutes / /

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