Hills Rolling – Something Delicious (CD)

We here at NeuFutur had the chance to review Hills Rolling’s last album, “Sweet Tea”, and we were very impressed with the rock stylings of the band at that point. “Something Delicious” is the latest disc by Hills Rolling, and it showcases 9 impressive tracks that build upon the solid foundation that was created by “Sweet Tea”. “Something Delicious” begins with “I Wake Up”, a unique track that defies convention from the onset. The track itself has a slacker vibe to it that is counter-balanced by the innovative arrangements that are present throughout. Hills Rolling can switch musical styles on a stop of a dime, but the whole of their compositions on “Something Delicious” represent a coherent, cohesive entity. The momentum that Hills Rolling created on “I Wake Up” continues, and even increases, during “Need It”.

“Need It” succeeds due to the gritty guitar line that is strung through the track, and is especially compelling when it matches up with Trey’s vocals. “After All These Years” is a track that draws on a rich tradition put forth by acts like The Replacements and Blind Melon. Trey’s vocals are the cherry on top of the band’s instrumental sundae: the ability of McGriff’s vocals to curl and twist above the instrumentation on “Something Delicious” is simply something that has not been heard on music up to this point. “Aditude” is a track that switches Hills Rolling’s sound up considerably, adding more than a fair share of funk to the band’s indie-rock sound. The presence of the bass during this track further establishes the different sound of Hills Rolling during this track, making for a song that is special. “Tearing You Up Inside” draws back on the band’s previous album in that the track has a very “Misery”-era Soul Asylum sound to it, but keeps the song germane to listeners that have grown up on more current bands.

Hills Rolling saves the best for last: their track “Perfect Escape” is nothing less than a rock anthem, with the guitars, drums, and bass uniting to create a driving beat that will be tattooed in the minds and hearts of anyone that is listening in. No vocals are needed for the track: Hills Rolling’s instrumentation here is impressive and provides listeners with a full narrative. Give “Something Delicious” a listen and see exactly why, throughout Trey McGriff’s music career, he has been given the opportunity to play with or has performed his original material with bands like Journey, Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

Top Tracks: Aditude, Perfect Escape

Rating: 7.9/10

Hills Rolling – Something Delicious / 2008 Whiskey Child / 9 Tracks / http://www.myspace.com/hillsrolling

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