Jake and the Fatman – Season One, Volume One (DVD Set)

Jake and the Fatman was a show that ran from 1987 to 1992 on CBS, before spinning off Diagnosis: Murder. Diagnosis: Murder had a jump on Jake and the Fatman in the sense that while three complete boxed sets of Diagnosis: Murder (released in 2006 and 2007) were commissioned, this is the first boxed set of Jake and the Fatman to be released. For those individuals that either missed Jake and the Fatman when it was originally out or were to young (or not even born yet) when the show was originally aired, William Conrad (Cannon, Nero Wolfe) plays J.L. “Fatman” McCabe, a district attorney for the city of Los Angeles. McCabe is coupled with Jake Styles (played by Joe Penny, whom individuals may remember from Riptide and Jane Doe), eir private investigator.

Together, these two individuals attempt to solve the cases that have loose ends, and ensure that those that are guilty of a crime are placed firmly behind bars. While Conrad and Penny are solid enough actors in their own right, episodes of Jake and Fatman are further bolstered in quality by the work of guest stars including Dwight Schultz (A-Team), Mark Goddard (Lost in Space), and Robert Culp (The Greatest American Hero). For those individuals that did miss out on the original run, make it a point to check out “Love for Sale” and “The Man that Got Away”.

Together, these two episodes really show the highlights of what was one of the most memorable shows of the late eighties and early nineties. The one bonus feature that is present during this first box set of Jake and the Fatman is promotional clips that were ran to increase interest in specific episodes. Regardless, the fact that this show, long off the air, has another chance to be seen by adoring audiences should be enough of a reason for any fan to pick this (and any subsequent) DVD sets of Jake and the Fatman up. If enough in the way of individuals show interested in purchasing the different parts and pieces of the Jake and the Fatman run, there is a good chance that CBS/Paramount will look into releasing the rest of the Diagnosis: Murder run, so if you were a fan of Murder but not a fan of Fatman, you’ve got a great gift for the Fatman fan in your life.

Rating: 8.5/10

Jake and the Fatman – Season One, Volume One / 2008 CBS / 567 Minutes / http://www.paramount.com/homeentertainment /

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