Manswers: The Best of Season One (DVD)

As individuals should be able to see, this edition of Manswers is a “Best of” disc rather than being the release of the full season onto a DVD set. While I can understand that the DVD is thus the cream of the crop, I still feel that a more exhaustive release of the Manswers show onto DVD would have been the best decision here. Regardless, what comes forth here are those questions on Manswers that had all of my friends discussing the findings, such as “How many floors can you fall in an elevator and still survive?” and “Can you take the dump of death?”.

What would have also been nice, barring a full season one DVD, would have been content that was exclusive to the DVD. This means that they could have pulled out one or two questions that were too racy for television, or just re-placed footage that was originally cut from the original airing of the episodes. While Manswers itself is a more “guy-centric” version of Mythbusters (typically dropping out a lot of the scientific content in exchange for a “this is right, period” approach, I feel that the show itself should look at this DVD and see exactly how they can properly tighten up the show for its second season (yes, it has been renewed). If you have missed the original airing of Manswers and cannot seem to find it on Spike at all, make it a point to get “Manswers: The Best of Season One”.

However, if you have already seen the episodes from the first season, you have seen the footage that is captured on DVD and can pass up on it unless you have to show individuals the show’s findings regarding which human body part is the most nutritious to eat. The release of this DVD is a good thing in that it shows that Spike’s own shows are worthy of a DVD release. If that is the case, perhaps there will be a similarly short turnaround in the DVD releases of upcoming shows like Tank & Cobra, Human Predators, and River Men. For fans of Jackass and web sites like Snopes, “Manswers: The Best of Season One” is ninety minutes of proving and disproving urban myths, stories, and things that individuals have wondered but have been too afraid to ask.

Rating: 6.8/10

Manswers: The Best of Season One / 2008 Paramount / /

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