Riverwurst Comics #3

Riverwurst Comics #3 / :15 / $3 / Full-Sized / 40 Pages / teakrulos@hotmail.com / PO Box 511553, Milwaukee, WI 53203 / 

A collection of comics, there are a broad range of styles and stories in this issue, which limits each writer to a page or two in the comic. Some of the pieces don’t really make much in the way of sense, which I am assuming to be due to this limit on pages, but it could also be due to the fact that the cartoonist having no idea how to make a coherent story. There are brief moments where there are plots, such as in “Freedumb”, which has an incredibly dark style that virtually makes it impossible to discern what is going on, but there are also times where the comics seem to be at random, such as in “Rants”. There are some comics that stand out above the rest, and these include “Dylan McGorey”, which details a young kid with a Satanic egg, and “A Few Things That Bug Me Out”, which is a list of Cheryl’s phobias. The major focus in this issue, if one can be found, would have to be John Hill and eir’s work. An interview graces the middle section of this issue, and two different comics of eir’s follow. Of the two, “Belly Button Blues” is probably the stronger one, owing that to being a longer comic and having a stronger joke to end on. Overall, having the myriad of cartoonists really allows for a fluctuation of talent, but this isn’t necessarily something good, but something that makes this issue awfully uneven. Check out future issues of Riverwurst, as this grab-bag style of content could really yield some solid comics.

Rating: 5.6/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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