Road Trip: Wheel in the Sky

Road Trip: Wheel in the Sky / Half-Sized / 12 Pages / / 

This is one of the many comic zines that I have picked up in my journeys that are just little gateways that have been given out for new readers to be hooked into buying subsequent issues of the zine. However, I have yet to see a comic snippet that has made me purchase a comic zine purely based on two or so pages of story. Road Trip is exactly a case of this – while it is 12 pages of story, absolutely nothing happens. The story, if I can even assume that there is a pre-story to it, has led up to a white and black set of twins (or of figures that represent the lightness and darkness in everyone – I’m not sure.) Well, these two individuals continue to walk along this road, and then they eventually end up sitting down. I’m not kidding – what is there here that would make me want to buy a comic based on the story that I just paraphrased? The drawing and inking are excellent, but all of the different word balloons are made using tame fonts. I can understand if the individual (Eric Wilmoth) can’t create an interesting font on ey’s own, but this constant changing of windows fonts just doesn’t do anything for me. This comic just really tends to strike me as utterly bland, and while I know I haven’t read a full issue or saw anything else in the way of content for the magazine, I have no desire to even bother trying to pick up another issue.

Rating: 3.0/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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