Sex, Death & Ronald MacDonald – Vol 3., Issue 21.

Sex, Death & Ronald MacDonald – Vol 3., Issue 21.
This magazine, from the impressive sounding volume and issue numbers, seems to have been around for a long period of time. This is a poetry review for those who are into things as DIY as they could possibly be. This is another zine that is put out by the extremely cool Vermicious Knid/ Jamez who is also the editor of Transcendence. A number of poets really very in tones, style, and subject matter, making this zine not a drag like many would think. In fact, while it is incredibly short (8 full pages total), the zine actually lends itself to reading for a long amount of time. I usually can’t stand all poetry zines, especially if they are by the same author, as it typically happens that all their poetry is about a specific topic, but SDRM totally eliminates that problem by giving each poet, at most, one page. This allows me to feel emotional about one poet, be amused by one, and wonder at the style and prose of a third. I am really a fan of the way that this zine is laid out, as Jamez is just so incredibly liberal with the use of white space, allowing about 80% of any given page to fall by the wayside, something that I would be much too neurotic to ever do with any of my magazines. If you want a copy, send a dollar or an equal trade to Vermicious Knid, Lupine Ladies Press, P.O Box 543, Accokeek MD 20607.

Rating : 6.0/10.

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Author: James McQuiston

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