Shot Gun for Wii (Wii)

This is the first time that NeuFutur Magazine has had a chance to review a gaming peripheral. We have had the chance to review more than our fair share of video games, but CTA Digital really has stepped up to the plate and allowed us to take a direction that we would not normally have taken. Their new peripheral for the Nintendo Wii is their “Shot Gun for Wii”, and the first thing that players will immediately notice about it would have to be the realism in which the gun is crafted. Obviously, the gun itself is white to ensure that individuals do not get it confused for a real gun, but the modeling of the gun itself resembles a real shotgun.

Furthermore, the weight of the peripheral itself is balanced to ensure that players will be comfortable. This means that the gun itself is light, but not light enough to feel flimsy. Finally, the best thing about the Shot Gun for Wii would have to be its versatility. Meaning that players can go and modify the gun into one of three different configurations. Individuals can go forth and have the normal shot gun configuration, or they can remove the butt and make it into what CTA calls the “Sawed-off Rifle Mode”. Finally, if individuals take off the shotgun barrel, what players will have is what is colloquially called a “Blaster”. The different styles of guns imbue that much more to the game play style of games such as Medal of Honor, Ultimate Duck Hunting, Ghost Squad, or Resident Evil 4.

The infrared sensor on the actual gun is tuned-in very well, allowing for a little leeway but ensuring that players have to be pretty spot on in order to hit whatever it may be that they are looking for. For those parents that are wondering whether it will hold up after their children give it a trial by fire, repeat testing of the peripheral has not done any more than give a little scuffing to the “Shot Gun for Wii”. The parts all still fit together admirably, without anything in the way of looseness or poor fits. If you are looking for a more realistic experience when it comes to killing things on your Wii, make sure to pick up this CTA Digital release. Here’s to hoping that CTA will continue to release such high quality peripherals for every current gaming system.

Rating: 8.5/10

Shot Gun for Wii (Wii) / 2008 CTA Digital / http:/

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