Shuttle Bus Vol. 2, #1

Shuttle Bus Vol. 2, #1 / $1 / 16L / Hoendous Failure Studios, PO Box 7504, Ann Arbor MI 48107 / 

I’ve heard about the first run of this zine in the past, but was never able to go and really locate for myself a copy. Now, Dustin has started the zine back up, and well, I’m not sure exactly why this zine was so lauded. I’m not necessarily saying that the zine is weak or bad, but rather mediocre. An interview with (((Microwaves))), a Pittsburgh rock band leads off the magazine, which is filled with only a few different pieces and a number of different comic that ey wrote for various other publications. The style in which the cartoon is rendered is perhaps the strongest in the magazine, as the style really seems to expound upon the Mission Hill/Clowes style to make something completely Dustin’s own. Another strength with this issue of Shuttle Bus has to be in the piece “The How and Why on Running a CDR Label”, which really teaches individuals to do what the title statement says. The various links that Dustin throws in throughout the piece provide a path for individuals who wish to make their own music be heard, and will undoubtedly be influential in supporting a new wave of these CDR labels. Finally, the “10 Things That Don’t Suck About Ann Arbor, MI” has bouts of humor interspersed into a travelogue concerning the titled city. Shuttle Bus is a decent zine, and time will only tell if other issues will step up to the plate and strive for the same level that the original run of Shuttle Bus was touted as having.

Rating: 5.2/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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