[sic] #30

Even though I received not one, but two copies of this magazine months before I received #31, here I am still doing the reviews in a reversed order. For those who do not know what [sic] was, it was this excellent little zine that collected all sorts of writings, poetry, interviews, reviews, pictures, art, anything, and put it together. So, you get this mishmash of different styles and topics, and yet it still comes together every single issue, and this is no exception. In fact, we should call this issue the “absurdist theme issue”, as the vast majority of pieces in this issue go about spreading their message in a very absurd way, from “Excuse”, which takes place as a dialog that defeats the purpose of science in any type as the extension into unchangeable failure, to “Just Talking”, which is a very short story about a mother and her son that is written in a mix of absurdist and stream-of-consciousness style. “glimpse” goes and deconstructs the Percy Bysshe Shelley poem Adonais and places it in the current day, to interesting conclusions. I always have problems reviewing these comp zines, as there are just so many varying styles and typically a strong desire to keep all pieces separate in thought. You can probably still get copies of this magazine by e-mailing sic@metrocast.net.

Rating : 5.5/10.

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Author: James McQuiston

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