Society 1 Signs With MDI Distribution

Society 1 has just signed with MDI Distribution to release new material completely independent from an established record label. With this decision the band will take on all responsibilities of recording and promotion while utilizing the distribution network of MDI to make product available.

“I just don’t know how much sense it makes to sign a record deal if your band is on an indie level” states front man Matt Zane. “The advance money is virtually non-existent, the promotion is limited and youÂ’re lucky to get any type of tour support these days. We went through a lot of these issues when we switched labels after being on Earache. It really made us re-think our next step after “The Years Of Spiritual Dissent” was released in 2006.”

MDI Distribution Inc. was established in 1984 in Dallas, Texas. Through the years, MDI Distribution has distributed such labels as Tommy Boy, TVT, Warlock, K-Tel and Ichiban, just to mention a few. MDI Distribution distributes audio, video and DVD product. MDI has stated that “Working with Matt Zane and Inzane Records has been one of the most intriguing and unique projects MDI Distribution has seen in its twenty-five years of operation. Matt’s intense passion for his art and lifestyle are clearly apparent in the music he produces. It is exciting to be involved with an artist who resides on the cutting edge of the entertainment industry.”

Society 1 plans on making early titles in their catalog available through iTunes, and will be making an announcement next week on the first new material to be released exclusively through iTunes. “We have been talking about the new Society 1 record Sadist Messiah now since 2006 but we are going to hold off on that until next year. We wanted to release something through MDI first and only have it be available digitally. We are not going to make any physical product whatsoever. This is going to be something of a test run and depending how it turns out will influence our decision to regarding the release of our next studio album” says Zane.

With the agreement in place with MDI Zane is not ruling anything out for the future.

“I am not opposed to signing another record deal in the future for the Sadist Messiah album but it would have to make sense. There is no point signing with someone and getting nothing but a few records in stores, a couple magazines ads and half of dozen interviews. I can do that myself while sleeping. Time will tell if this new digital age is all it’s cracked up to be and if true indie artists can be successful or if it’s only going to work for bands like NIN.”

In other Society 1 related news check out Matt Zane’s new movie Radium Volume 2. The movie features Society 1 video’s and interviews as well as other major label acts such as Ill Nino and In This Moment. You can pick it up at

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