There For Tomorrow – S/T EP (CD)

Hopeless Records has had a hell of a long streak of simply amazing albums, whether it be Amber Pacific, or The Dangerous Summer. The fact is that “Deadlines” is the first track on this EP, and it largely showcases the same attention to quality and solid arrangements that Hopeless acts are really known for. The emotive style of the band has a hopeful sound to it despite a much more nuanced and intricate sound that bubbles beneath the surface. “Pages” is a track that starts literally like any one of one hundred songs before it, but where There For Tomorrow goes after that is the reason why they are a Hopeless act and are not currently languishing in indie obscurity.

The shifts between a slower and faster style shows the sheer magnitude of the band’s arrangements, and gives listeners further evidence that the band has not reached their potential by the end of the track. “Waiting” follows “Pages”, and it comes forth with a strong guitar line that shows that the band has more than their fair share of metal influence. What is really eye-popping here has to be how well they subsume this different genre into something that fits in perfectly with the rest of the disc. “Taking Chances” finishes off the EP, and the hard-hitting nature of the track should be the final reason why individuals will call themselves a There For Tomorrow fan after the disc finishes up. The band may not be as immediately lovable as the aforementioned Hopeless acts in this review, but any weakness here is bolstered fully by the amount of effort that they put into this EP. I will be looking to see how they grow and evolve in the future; you should as well.

Top Track: Addiction and Her Name

Rating: 7.3/10

There For Tomorrow – S/T EP / 2008 Hopeless / 7 Tracks /

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