The Legendary Barry Sisters Set To Have Album Re-Released

We take a tune that’s sweet and low, and rock it solid and make it gold. -The Barry Sisters

Age is just a number, and mine is unlisted. -Claire Barry
Since 2005, the non-profit record label Reboot Stereophonic has dedicated itself to rescuing lost treasures of Jewish-American music. They did it with Irving Fields’ Bagels and Bongos. They did it with Fred Katz’s Folk Songs for Far Out Folk. They did it with the way-out Moog experiments of Beastie Boys hero Gershon Kingsley and they did it, most notoriously, with the outrageous vaudeville cylinders of Jewface.
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Spindrift To Release The West on Beat The World November 11, On Tour Now

Already widely recognized as a touring force, a tireless group that frequently crosses the country, Spindrift recorded The West, their first “official” full-length, over a period of three years, in that rare time between shows. The album is, in the words of frontman Kirpatrick Thomas, a “pastiche,” music that pulls from earlier eras, from the Spaghetti Western, Eastern European klezmer, the sea shanty, Spanish flamenco, and American blues, but ties in notions of the present – druggy California pysch, Bruce Haack’s work in the electronic realm, Spacemen 3, over-population and over-consumption, and mostly, a respect for and affinity towards the last of the great unknown.
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Devendra bassist releases second album with the Viking Moses late Fall

The Parts That Showed is the sophomore album release by the Viking Moses an outfit that was initiated by Southern Missourian Brendon Massei in 2003. Their latest album was recorded on the Oldham family farm in central Kentucky by Paul Oldham, featuring the talent of Spencer Kingman (of Spenking), John McCauley III (of Deer Tick), Cody Brant and Jacob Soto (of Flaspar) and Evelyn Weston. The Parts That Showed is being released by the Epiphysis label October 28, 2008 and will be supported by an extensive U.S. tour. Continue reading “Devendra bassist releases second album with the Viking Moses late Fall”

Starlit Fireball #4

Yet another issue of this fabulous zine put out by Brittanie. I understand that I’ve been reviewing these issues in a weird order, but I do hae some sort of system when it comes to reviewing. You see, I have a pile of zines sitting on my floor, and the new issues are thrown on the top. Whenever I grap a zine, it is probably going to be the newest issue of the zine in question. Issue #4 of Starlit Fireball is just as much of a fun read as any of the prior issues, and specifically, this issue is much more visual than the other issues that I have. Starlit Fireball is really a zine made in the mold of Mecaroni and Fleas, Scorpi-Oh, and any other fabulous cut and paste zines that you can probably come up with. Brittanie has her ear much more close to the pop culture section of our society, so a reader will find a familiarity with popular culture that just simply isn’t found in many zines currently being produced. By far though, the most memorable pieces in this issue would still have to be the pieces that have as a main topic Brittanie or her writer’s life. However, there is one exception, as her piece on how to make Lip Gloss, something that even technical magazines like Glue would be proud of. Get this magazine. It’s fun, it’s a great read, and you will definitely like it.

Rating : 7.3/10

Starlit Fireball #4

Elton John – Rocket Man: Number Ones (CD)

Individuals know who exactly Elton John is. There is no use describing eir career or the trials and tribulations that marked the music or the style that created the music. Rather, individuals need to know that there are seventeen of John’s hits on the CD, with “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”, “Bennie and the Jets”, and “Crocodile Rock” as three of the first four songs that individuals hear. There are other songs that were hit sin their own right but may not be as immediately known as the others; “Daniel” and “Philadelphia Freedom” fill out the first segment of the CD. There have been a number of greatest hits compilations released under John’s name in the last twenty years, but it is really the additional material present on “Rocket Man” that makes this a must-buy. In this limited edition CD, there is a DVD present that captures 5 of the live performances of John during the “Red Piano” concert era. Continue reading “Elton John – Rocket Man: Number Ones (CD)”

Introducing … East Village Opera Company!

Borrowing melodies from well-known opera masterpieces, “the group imagines classical opera- with its over-the-top plots- as if staged today” (Boston Globe). The results have been a hit across the board, with Time Out New York hailing their “grandiose yet genuinely touching operatic pomp” and AM New York praising their “special brand of rocked-up arias… a unique mash-up of old and new.”

Fans and newcomers to the band will have a chance to see them live on their upcoming U.S. tour, kicking off Sept. 18 in Manhattan, KS. Full tour dates are listed below.

The touring outfit features 2 vocalists, a 4-person rock band, and a 3-piece string section, all led by East Village Opera Company co-founders Tyley Ross (vocals) and Peter Kiesewalter (keyboards). They’ll be playing music both from ‘Olde School’ and their self-titled 2005 Decca Records debut, which the Boston Herald dubbed “something genuinely fresh that combines classic beauty with rock energy.” Continue reading “Introducing … East Village Opera Company!”

Award-Winning Film Director Joel Schumacher Directs Scars on Broadway’s New Music Video

Scars on Broadway has added more dates to their first-ever North American tour, including one in their hometown of Los Angeles. Guitarist/vocalist Daron Malakian and drummer John Dolmayan, joined by guitarist Franky Perez, keyboardist Danny Shamoun and bassist Dominic Cifarelli, will headline L.A.’s Avalon Ballroom on Tuesday, November 18, followed by the House of Blues in Anaheim on Wednesday, November 19, and then the House of Blues in San Diego on Friday, November 21. The six week, cross-country trek kicks off October 19 in Atlanta, GA (full itinerary below), and is in support of the band’s self-titled debut album which was released on July 29 (Interscope). Continue reading “Award-Winning Film Director Joel Schumacher Directs Scars on Broadway’s New Music Video”

Starlit Fireball #3

This is what I believe is the last issue of Starlit Fireball that I had to review. This issue, the one that started my love for the zine, seems so far back in my memory that I just had to read it again. Really, folks, this zine is bare bones compared to what the zine has become, especially in response to #5. This issue of Starlit Fireball is really just so spastic that it defies any sort of review, but I will try. It really has something for everyone, from Common CB Codes and Jargon to a School Survival Guide done by the mistress herself. The constant moving back and forth from handwritten text and different fonts really does a lot in breaking up the pieces and separate entities, something that really helps readers stay away from tedium in response to the zine. One very interesting piece is the games pages that she has put in this issue, which really resounds with me, as the games page was something that I always used to do with Amish Drive-By and earlier issues of NeuFutur. However, Brittanie does her games page much better than mine, and makes hers really fun. The review would have been up much sooner, but I had lost the center page of the zine, as someone doesn’t use staples. Grrrr. My own pet peeve. Send Brittanie $1 for a copy, at Brittanie McBride, 1119 N. Sinova Ct., Gilbert, AZ 85234.

Rating : 7.7/10.

Point One – Unlucky Stars (CD)

“Unlucky Stars” is the first track on the album, and it paints Point One as a newer type of rock act that blends together hints of Good Charlotte with the slightly harder sounds of a Korn, White Zombie, or Ministry. What results is something that is immediately ready for popular radio, and this same type of sound is present in droves during the disc’s second track, “Oxygen”. The band decides to go slightly slower with their sound for “Oxygen”, but there is enough in the way of commonality with the title track for the momentum to continue to build. Continue reading “Point One – Unlucky Stars (CD)”