Black Light Burns – Cruel Melody (CD)

It has been a few years since I have heard anything in the way of discussion about Limp Bizkit, or any of the members from that band. Black Light Burns features former Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland, as well as members from acts like The Esoteric, Open Hand, Turn of the Screw and From First to Last. “Mesopotamia” is the first track on “Cruel Melody”, and individuals that are looking for another Limp Bizkit may just be disappointed.

The output of Black Light Burns during “Cruel Melody” only vaguely resembles the prior Borland band, with the overall sound of the band closer to acts like Avenged Sevenfold and Queens of the Stone Age than anything. “Animal” is a track that shows Black Light Burns as an act that was tremendously influenced by the eighties new wave style; the band plays a current sounding bit of new rock, but there is a definite new wave presence on the track. “Lie” is the first song that individuals will likely hear from Black Light Burns. The vocals are immediately able to hook fans, and the slinky sound of Black Light Burns mixes with a more grungy sound to allow a wide listenership. It is during this song that Black Light Burns approaches a Korn-like sound, something that does not happen often during this diverse and eclectic album. The title track happens a few songs after “Lie”, and it shows the extent of the Black Light Burns sound.

This song is slower and provides much more emotion that was previously present during the rest of “Cruel Melody”. Throughout these different tracks, there are common threads that makes these musical and stylistic jumps make sense. Very few bands are able to come up with such a solid debut album, but Black Light Burns creates in “Cruel Melody” an album that has nothing in the way of weak tracks or half-hearted efforts. “I Have A Need” is another entry by Black Light Burns into the radio sound, while “4 Walls” is a track that could honestly be on a Limp Bizkit album. Aside from the solid sound of this album, “Cruel Melody” should be picked up because it shows the evolution of a more than capable musician from an act that might not have been the most impressive to something with much more in the way of substance and style. Give it a go if you can find it.

Top Tracks: I Have A Need, Iodine Sky

Rating: 6.2/10

Black Light Burns – Cruel Melody / 2007 I Am: Wolfpack / 13 Tracks / / Reviewed 15 June 2007

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