For the first time in 15 years former Caroline Records indie faves Springhouse will release their long awaited third LP “From Now To Okay”

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Big Takeover Magazine Presents the East Coast tour dates kicking off on October 16th at Local 506 in Chapel Hill and winding up at Southpaw for a CMJ show on October 21st. These will be the Springhouses’s first shows of any kind in 6 years [ and only the second time the band has toured since 94.

Hear! “Moving Van” from the New “From Now To Okay”
Hear! “Layers” from their first LP  Landfalls

Who is Springhouse? Well, if you don’t remember, it’s lots of people you know. Springhouse is the Big Takeover’s editor Jack Rabid on drums and vocals, Mitch Friedland on vocal, guitar and keyboards and Blue Man Group Music Director/ Co-compuser Larry Heinemann on Bass, Guitar, Steel Pedal and is producer and engineer

The boys have been working on their forthcoming LP for the better part of 10 years and it was recently finished. It’s a labor of love and a long time coming. From Now to OK will be self released in October on a limited edition run of 550 deluxe Bruce Licher-designed letterpress multi-layered foldout CD art package and free internet digital download, Radiohead-style (i.e. pay what you want!).

Confirmed dates! More to come!
October 16 – Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506
October 17 – Washington, D.C. @ Rock and Roll Hotel
October 18 – Philadelphia, Pa. @ Johnny Brenda’s
October 19-Brooklyn, N.Y. @ Sound Fix (From Now to OK record release party, unplugged short set)
October 20 – Allston, Mass. @ Great Scott
October 21 – Brooklyn, N.Y. @ Southpaw (CMJ first night, but open to the public)

Springhouse will support indie rock super group Magnetic Morning- Adam Franklin from Swervedriver, Sam Fogarino from Interpol and  Jimmy from The Album Leaf. Warming stages for Springhouse will be Julie Ocean, a new DC based band with ex-members of Velocity Girl, High Back Chairs, Tree Fort Angst, Saturday People, St. Christopher, Glo-Worm, Severin!

More on Springhouse from Delusions of Adequacy:

Jeff Marsh-  “Underappreciated Album of the Month,” Springhouse- Postcards From the Arctic_ (Caroline, 1993)After reunion tours in 1994 supporting Mark Burgess, and 2002 supporting Burgess’s old group The Chameleons] the band again got back together, reportedly to work on a new album. Drummer Jack Rabid has teased the work in his own magazine now and then, but to the best of my knowledge, we have yet to see a new Springhouse album (note, finished, 2008!). But somehow, 1993’s Postcards from the Arctic has remained one of my favorite albums from the early-90s. Perhaps because of its soothing element hidden behind upbeat rock, the layered guitars and cool mood, I find myself returning to it again and again, often in the evening when I’m not yet ready for something soft and quiet. The band perfectly suits the unappreciated tag, and that’s likely why they broke up back then when they did. But the good point is that their albums can often be found in used bins, and I highly recommend picking them up.”

Press Has ALWAYS fallen for Springhouse!
“The melodies are pretty and wistful, the sentiments are dizzying and sad; Springhouse captures and holds onto a fleeting sense of melancholy.”

“I kept looking around for the second guitar, until I realized it was simply the deft interplay between Friedland and Heinemann that was creating those phantom tones. In an underground music music scene increasingly dominated by noise and nihilism, Springhouse is that rare beacon of mystery and beauty.”

“The music reaches many levels and spans several eras, even as it remains thoroughly modern”

New York’s Springhouse is the rarest of birds – an American indie band that dares to offer deep emotion and beautiful harmonic developments.”

“Every Springhouse release is chock full of power and beauty and hooks. Guitarist and main vocalist Mitch Friedland constructs a shimmering wall of plectral tintinnabulation by running acoustic guitars through effects boxes and then sings over it in the prototypical voice of yearning and understated angst.”

CRAMPED – Pick of the Month
“OK I don’t say this often and maybe I’ve only said it three or four times in my life but Springhouse’s Land Falls  does not have one bad song on it”

“With its punk percussion, folk-in-fused pop guitars, soaring memorable  melodies and thoughtful arrangements, Springhouse’s music is as revitalizing as the first scent of spring.”

“Springhouse clearly stand apart . A little grandiose and a little imperfect. Springhouse mine the middle ground between punk and simplicity and ambitious Anglophile soundscapes.”

“Dominated by Friedland’s heavily processed acoustic guitar, the group’s lushly melodic debut, Land Falls, does have a curiously refreshing quality.”

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