Laura Roppe – Girl Like This (CD)

“Girl Like This” begins with the self-titled track; the song is one that brings forth influences from individuals as wide-spread as Carrie Underwood, the Dixie Chicks, and Sheryl Crow. The strong vocals that issue forth from the beginning of “Girl Like This” will ensure that listeners stick with the disc for a good, long time. “Mama Needs A Good Girl’s Night Out” has a guitar that immediately explodes in listeners’ ears, with Roppe’s vocals quickly taking the lead with an absolutely driven set of vocals that anyone (regardless of whether they are a mom) that has children will be easily able to identify with.

Where “Girl Like This” was a solid enough track, “Mama Needs A Good Girl’s Night Out” will be the track off of the album that rockets up the charts. Despite the fact that “Float Away” has some large shoes to fill, immediately following “Girl’s Night Out”, Roppe puts forth a track that keeps up the momentum and high quality that listeners have come to expect from “Girl Like This”. Furthermore, the track takes a much different track than anything else present on the album, going for a more sedate approach that focuses more on the interplay created by the incredibly proficient instrumentation on the track. Where the songs on “Girl Like This” push on different topics, the tracks on the album combine to tell a story that is as vibrant and as illustrative as any of literature’s classic works.

The track may sound miles away from the bulk of the tracks on “Girl Like This” – for example, the rock-heavy approach taken by “Free” – but Roppe is continuing the story of her everywoman. This character has a spirit and a fire, without losing sight of what is truly important in her life – her children and husband. Anyone that has the chance to listen to the entirety of “Girl Like This” will be able to understand exactly how momentous and impressive that this album truly is. In just 12 short tracks, Roppe has been able to distill down the essence of this everywoman into an iconic album that should show anyone listening in that, given the desire, that anything is possible. “Girl Like This” is fantastic, and it is an album that will not be taken out of my CD player any time soon.

Top Tracks: Fly Fly Fly, Sing A Love Song

Rating: 9.2/10

Laura Roppe – Girl Like This / 2008 Girl Like This / 12 Tracks /

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