NeuFutur Magazine Introduces Jon Sonnenberg

New record features acoustic versions of formerly electronic compositions!

For more than a decade, Jon Sonnenberg has charmed listeners with an unparalleled ability to blend intricate sounds and textures with pleasant melodies. Whether creating sounds electronically, electrically, or acoustically, the layers and quality of Sonnenberg’s work enables one’s imagination to see beyond the confines of commercial music. His new album, Acoustic Selections, features reconfigured and rerecorded versions of his previous electronic “greatest hits.” It’s a pastoral record of exquisite orchestration, released via Old Man Records on June 24, 2008!

Along with Robert Gutschow, first known as Pivot Clowj (pronounced like Clown with a hard J at the end) and then as House of Wires, Jon Sonnenberg spent most of the 1990’s recording, producing, remixing, and performing around the LA basin. While Pivot Clowj catered to the gothic/ industrial scene, playing at Hollywood clubs such as Das Bunker, The Fang Club, and Conspiracy, House of Wires focused on the Christian alternative scene and released two albums with Tooth and Nail Records. In late 2000, Jon started working on solo material under a new moniker, Travelogue.

Acoustic Selections

In 2002, Sonnenberg relocated near Cleveland, OH, continuing a prolific musical career recording, writing, and producing his own work as well as the work of other artists.

Travelogue has appeared on compilations along side Gary Numan, Ladytron,, Soft Cell, and Fad Gadget. He has performed along side acts such as The Human League, Legendary Pink Dots, and Joy Electric.

Jon’s new release, simply titled Acoustic Selections, captures the essence of his entire catalogue, from Pivot Clowj to Travelogue. Much more than a ‘best of’, it explores the sonic possibilities of acoustic instruments, giving new light to the powerfully addictive songs of his former years. Playing more than 27 instruments himself and employing the talents of a variety of guest musicians, this album is a must hear for anyone interested in the lost art of music.

Some of the 27 instruments that Jon Sonnenberg plays on his album Acoustic Selections (out on Old Man Records) he made himself. Check out these cool YouTube videos where Jon explains the process.

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