Quickdummies #16

Quickdummies #16 / $4 / Full-Sized / 96 Pages / 6810 Bellaire Dr, New Orleans, LA 70124 / http://www.geocities.com/QDzine /

Quickdummies knows how to write reviews. Each individual disc reviewed is given a proper treatment, going into the hundreds of words instead of petering out at around 50. Other interesting pieces in this issue of Quickdummies would have to be “Flyer Invasion”, which is Bill’s showcase of some of eir’s flyers from the last nine years. Some pieces are just in this magazine to raise an eyebrow, including the Animal experimentation section by Rick, spanning 15 pages. The piece reads more like a final dissertation than a revolution-causing manifesto, but I think that this is a facet of Rick’s style more than anything, clarity over brevity. Like most larger-sized magazine, the majority of the material in this issue is reviews and interviews, and while I don’t seem anything ground-breaking in the interview section, this time cornering The Break, The Virus, Garuda, and As Hope Dies, the reviews are first-rate due to the reasons mentioned earlier. Quickdummies reads like a more intellectual version of Maximum Rock’n’roll, and while it is not going to be a Razorcake, it is important due to its geographic location. Most major zines, such as Punk Planet, MRNR, Under the Volcano, and the like are strictly Northern magazines, and the South usually just has to get the occasional band or zine pass through. It really seems like the Quickdummies crew is trying to make something happen in New Orleans, especially with starting up a zine library, so the magazine should be bought for that reason.

Rating: 5.6/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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