RJ Cowdery – One More Door (CD)

There may not be much beyond a set of vocals and an acoustic guitar to start off “One More Door”, but the skill shown by each piece dwarfs that of practically any other individual or act that has committed music to disc in the last few years. The diverse array of influences that act as a foundation for Cowdery on “One More Door” allow anyone listening in to identify with Cowdery. “These Ties That Bind” has hints of classic country stars like Dolly Parton and Patty Loveless, alternative singer/songwriters like PJ Harvey and Ani DiFranco, and Cowdery’s own unique style.

“Saving For Love” follows “These Ties That Bind”, and the track has a slower tempo to it that shows more clearly the nuances of Cowdery’s vocal style and her backing band’s arrangements. The inclusion of a set of bongos to the mix adds further spice to this track, giving listeners an earthy, down home style that will elicit memories of friends and family. “I Believe” is another style that is deceptively complex, providing listeners with the opportunity to either experience the track as a typical pop song or allowing them to dissect each of the numerous layers that are present on the track. “Now And Then” is another impressive track, laying out a story with her vocals, while the instrumentation provides a close cradle for Cowdery’s vocals.

“Too Fast” shows that Cowdery can change up the overall sound of her efforts, taking on here a style of country music that most closely resembles Reba McEntire. Later tracks on the disc, such as “Down The Road”, keep listeners interested in what is yet to come: instead of following the path that so many other artists do and place lesser tracks on the later parts of the disc, Cowdery creates tracks that are equally strong, whether it be during “I Believe”, “Too Fast”, or “Hold On”. “One More Door” is a perfect blend of styles, sounds, and genres of music: while I was not familiar with Cowdery at the beginning of this album, this album makes me want to keep focused on every thing that Cowdery does and every track that she releases in the next few decades. If the style of music that Cowdery creates on “One More Door” is up your alley, take a journey of one of the tour dates that Cowdery has listed on her web site, http://www.rjcowdery.com .

Top Tracks: One More Door, Down To The Water

Rating: 8.3/10

RJ Cowdery – One More Door / 2008 Self / 13 Tracks / http://www.rjcowdery.com/ /

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