Shunda K’s political manifesto “Break Bread,” the lead-off track from Yo! Majesty’s debut Domino Records EP, available for download now.

In a genre that has veered sharply away from Afrika Bambaataa’s original message of peace, love and thought, YO! MAJESTY is an incomparable force that brings anyone with ears something to breathe (and pant) a sigh of relief over. Hip hop has become overrun with lyrics that are anti-women, anti-gay, pro-bling and frankly, boring. It’s all about them, and none about you – YO! MAJESTY ain’t having it. Shunda K and Jwl. B both embody the best elements of Chuck and Flav as an overtly sexual Public Enemy that draws you in with flash and then sets about realigning your dome. The girls ain’t wearing no clocks, but you best believe they know what time it is.

Signed to Domino Records in 2007, Shunda K and Jwl. B have spent the last year performing around the world and hooking up in the studio with the world’s freshest producers including Basement Jaxx, Sunship, Radio Clit, Dee kline, Germany’s CLP, Switzerland’s Mercedeez Bendz and with what has become the YO! MAJESTY home team, Hard Feelings UK. The resulting album Futuristically Speaking… Never Be Afraid (to be released in October) is not a mere debut – it’s more of a debut philosophy, a debut mantra, a debut that takes hip hop back to the muthafucking people and rips, tears and destroys preconceived notions about all manner of topics, including those that have formed about Shunda K and Jwl. B themselves – two women that managed to fight through the bullshit to be here with you today when they are most needed.

The release of Futuristically Speaking… Never Be Afraid is preceded by the Kryptonite Pussy EP which consists of five tracks not available on the debut album. This special item leads off with Shunda K’s political manifesto “Break Bread” (“Reparations bring me off, but I’m still gon’ talk!), which is available for download NOW!

Ready to forget everything you thought you knew? It’s time. Now, stand up and never be afraid!


“Few acts combine rap music, pro-gay sloganeering and spiritual enlightenment quite like Yo! Majesty” — New York Times Magazine

“If punk was originally about defying labels, celebrating misfits, creating new sounds, and doing it all on one’s own terms, hand-wringers about that genre should open their ears and listen no further. Because by those criteria, Yo! Majesty is the most punk fucking rock thing out there right now.” — Miami New Times

“Yo! Majesty absolutely blew my mind. Shunda K & Jwl. B came out and tore into a set that was explosive, aggressive, and relentless.” — Brooklyn Vegan

“Yo! Majesty’s boss blend of Miami bass meets Southern crunk combined with devastating lyrics that shock, awe, and educate at the same time.. it’s no surprise they’re getting write-ups all over the globe.” — East Bay Express

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