Sleep in sweet change #2

This zine is done by Sarah, known best for her Quixotic Distro (not the zine Quixotic Potential, thought). Sleep in sweet change really forces one to think in a different way, as the method of Sarah’s madness is to recap her experiences through a collection of journal pieces. This in itself is not anything innovative, but she shows her reading audience that long-distance relationships do work over longer periods of time. The evidence is that she has been with the same boy (by the writing of the article) for 25 months. It really puts my and Alyson’s relationship, both in person and as a long distance romance, into a much better frame of perspective. Sarah writes in an ageless way, in that I had no clue how old she was, pegging her as a young teen but later entries place her at least at twenty-one, as she is ordering drinks at a bar in New Orleans. The chronological listing of pieces really works well in this zine, since she actually makes an effort to go and keep some continuity between the journal entries, a trait that should be endeavoured for in zinesters, as many just bounce from topic to topic without any connecting thoughts. This zine is a quick, yet fun read, and everyone in her reading audience should find something to find interesting in this zine. Make sure that her distro at is checked out as you e-mail her at for a copy of this fun little zine.

Rating 7.1/10.

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Author: James McQuiston

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