The Special People’s Club #3

The Special People’s Club #3 / Fourth-Sized / 44 Pages / / 

While I have reviewed Cubbie’s latest issue in the past, I think that I owe it to eir that this earlier issue of The Special People’s Club gets reviewed. Cubbie packs this issue, just like all eir others, with so much about eirself that its not funny. It is literally like ey has talked to me over coffee or a dinner, and I feel so much more comfortable in my dealings with eir as a result. The backgrounds for each page are extremely important, with a bevy of the background pictures used being pictures of Cubbie – which really makes sense, as this zine is just about Cubbie and eir’s life. We learn about the inavailability of orange juice at a cheap price in the United Kingdom, Cubbie’s former infatuation with Tori Amos and later burnout, ex-girlfriends and a vacillation about gender identity and which individuals ey actually desires, and the problems with morality that come with it. These vacillations really make the zine for me, because I run into a lot of the same problems with the sexual binary and the problems liking the ideals that one “sex” is supposed to stand for instead of the people in that “sex”. Just as in the rest of eir’s zines, Cubbie makes sure to review three or four zines that really have make eir’s day. In what could only be called a cliff-hanger ultimately depressing part of the zine, the last two pages (the last two that were to be done) are a recounting of a phone call Cubbie got, about her father. See if Cubbie has any of eir’s old issues, and maybe you can figure out what happened.

Rating: 8.0/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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