Big Al`s Swing Kids Concert 4/9/99 (NO)

Big Al`s Swing Kids Concert (April 9th 1999)

This concert was held in the 1st Presbyterian Church in Lancaster, and it started at 8 o clock. This was a band that started out in Columbus Ohio and were inspired by many of the greats of swing. They had an awesome guitarist who sang as well. They had recently acquired a new drummer and a new keyboardist. They caught on pretty quickly and also taught the croup some swing moved. a trumpeter who was the only woman in the group, and a Saxophonist that both song. Rounding out the group was a upright electric bassist. The three singers sang some very impressive harmony and really got the crowd going, and they can be compared to the Cherry Poppin Daddies, Squirrel Nut Zippers and the W`s. This is a great example of the influence of older 20’s swing at work.


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