Cool and Phat 5/24/99 and 5/31/99 (JMcQ)

I had lost these reviews until tonight [5/31/99], so here are two cool and phat shows that i was there to review.

The names of the 1st two bands have been lost to time, but the 3rd and 4th bands I know of.

1st band-This is decent sounding rock ,with definite influence from Ted Nugent. The bass sounds muddy, which is also the same problem with the vocals.This is a 3 piece band, Bass/Guitars/Drums, and were pretty boring. They took too long between songs, and they sounded horribly.

Rating 4.0/102nd Band – This is much better then the first band. This band has screaming guitars, and great drums. This has a Lynyrd Synard feel, which is hard to do with only instrumental songs. This is a 4 piece band, with 2 Guitars/Bass/and Drums. Jesse is on drums for this band, and make this band sound great.

Rating 7.0/10Triphammer– This band is fucking shite.What really tipped me off that this band was band was that there was a rumour around that they were being signed to Korn’s label. The band plays bad rap/metal, taking all the worst parts from both genres. The only thing decent about this band was their drummer

Rating 1.5/10Cool and Phat 5/31/99

Three bands were supposed to show up, but only one ended up showing for the night (Last Tears). The big act waffled, causing Cool and Phat to return all the money they collected from the concert. The only good thing to come from the night was that I played along with a few other guys and sang back up for another band.

Last Tears – The drummer is pretty fast, and LT has a slow start but they get into the zone quickly. For the set, the vocals were low, but the bass lines and guitar solos more than made up for that. I really got into the groove for them this night, and a short interview is up now.

Rating 4.0/10

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