Devil May Cry 4 (PC)

Chances are that most individuals have already played some form of Devil Mya Cry, either on consoles or on their PCs. It seems that all too often, sequels to successful games like Devil May Cry are unable to innovate, and as such, are not able to reach the successes achieved by previous iterations of the game. Fortunately for Capcom, Devil May Cry 4 is absolute fire. The quality of the cinematics and the environments with which individuals immerse themselves are head and shoulders above similar games, while the amount of customization that players have over their character (Nero). The newest addition to the Devil May Cry franchise is one of the most interesting: the “Devil Bringer” arm that operates in a way that is like a prehensile grappling hook, both allowing Nero to go forth and bring eirself up to different levels as well as dragging enemies to their inevitable doom.

While it does not take too much in the way of requirements for individuals to play Devil May Cry 4, the presence of the “Legendary Dark Knight Mode” will test the skills of both computer and player in throwing massive numbers of characters on the screen for Nero to dismiss. The combo system gives further points for variation in forms of attack, as well as continuous attacks that brings death and doom to all of the evil-doers that rise up against Nero.

The storytelling, the narrative that is present during Devil May Cry 4 is equivalent to that of Final Fantasy VII: despite the fact that the world of Devil May Cry is different from that that players operate in, there is more than enough commonality between the world to make this story of lost love and betrayal into something that is compelling throughout. The game itself is linked to the previous iterations of Devil May Cry, ensuring that there is continuity to be had in the DMC universe. The game expands through the course of hours and hours: it is not a quick beat, and the additional modes and storylines that players can get themselves into ensure that the game will not be taken out of their CD player for days, weeks, and even months after it first entered in. Make sure to pick up this game if you like action-filled efforts: you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 9.0/10

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